CLS Medical's FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

CLS Medical strives to operate in accordance with its mission statement:

It is our goal at CLS to continue providing the highest quality of textile items to medical and hospitality firms. We have serviced the state of Georgia for over 20 years as a leader in our industry and strive every day to find new and innovative ways to increase the integrity of our product.

We also strive to provide our employees with a safe and efficient work area with room to progress into higher positions with CLS Medical.

CLS Medical is happy to provide all needed linen for your facility. We will install brand new linen for your location and continue our service daily by continuously dropping off fresh linen and picking up your soiled. The soiled linen is taken to our state-of-the-art facility and laundered through our meticulous and thorough process involving our industry leading commercial equipment.

From whole hospitals to smaller doctors offices, no account is too big or too small for CLS Medical. We are happy to serve all facets of healthcare services throughout the state no matter the size of your practice.

CLS Medical believes that total customer satisfaction is the only thing that should bind vendor and client. We strive to meet and exceed all client expectations with our service! Therefore, CLS Medical and your location will reach an agreement of service and cost, however no lengthy contract will be required.

Without question! CLS Medical is more than prepared to handle situations such as this. We treat our clients like family, therefore your needs are our needs! If an emergency delivery is needed, CLS Medical will deliver what you need that day. Your staff can contact our GM or other managers personally, rather than a 1-800 number.

CLS Medical guarantees to all of our potential clients that if a competitor quotes their location at a lower cost than ours, we will surpass expectations at a lower cost.

Yes, CLS Medical can deliver on a daily basis, Monday through Saturday! We will customize a delivery schedule with you that works in accordance with your practice.

CLS Medical meets and surpasses all national health codes and regulations.